深愛著你 Deeply in love with you (Overview)

Yesterday was a special day for all Danny fans. 23 years has passed but time won’t take away our remembrance of Danny. In this special occasion, I would really like to share the song 深愛著你 Deeply in love with you with everyone.

Danny was famous for his love songs, and Deeply in love with you was definitely one of those famous ones. Like many songs out in the 1980s, a lot of music productions were taken from Japan and the Hong Kong musicians would re-publicize them with Cantonese lyrics. In this case, Deeply in love with you was taken from Junichi Inagaki’s 誰がために. I must say, I really admire Japan’s popular culture. This country has always proven to people all over the world that they are leaders of trends and innovation. If it wasn’t for Japan, Hong Kong’s 1980s wouldn’t have been one of the greatest eras for Canto-pop.

I still remember the first time I listened to this song. The melody was definitely catchy, especially that the Cantonese version has a repetitive line “懷念著你 懷念著你…”. Danny was a genius in delivering sad love songs. His emotions and thoughts were fully translated through his voice, giving the song a real, spiritual interpretation. I am sure that Danny’s life experience was what makes his songs so amazing and authentic. Though I don’t know how Danny actually was behind the camera, I can tell that he generally had a delicate soul. He was the kind of person that if you met him in real person, you would want to pamper and protect him. Anita Mui, in one of her interviews, affirmed that, despite the actual age difference between Danny and her. Now that I think of it, this could have been why I was so drawn to Danny when I first got to know him. He was really a unique individual – handsome, incredibly talented in music, charismatic, a bit stubborn and complacent (which only added much to his cuteness) and very adorable.

The reason why I am bringing up this song now is that recently the “online media guru” of Hong Kong Apple Daily has made a Facebook post paying tribute to Danny.  Apparently, people haven’t forgotten Danny and his music at all. Not only did old fans give comments in that post, a lot of people from the younger generation made responses as well. Here are some of the ones I found:

Leung said, “I still remember when I was in the fifth grade, my family brought me to Hong Kong Coliseum for the very first time. We watched Danny’s 1990 concert together. The organizer distributed big heart-shaped stickers before the show started. When the lights got turned off, everyone in the audience took their stickers out, shook them and created a wave of purple hearts. The special guest that day was Leon Lai.”

Lew said, “He had a je ne sais quoi that spread grace and elegance. No one could be compared with him.”

Wong said, “The singers these days are nothing to equal to Danny.”

(Link to the FB Post: https://www.facebook.com/hk.nextmedia/photos/a.170516952447.149676.105259197447/10154884922392448/?type=3&theater

As of 27/10/2016, the post has been liked by more than 13000 people and has attracted 393 comments.)

I absolutely agree with all of these. But instead of feeling saddened or anything, I decided to celebrate this period of time. Most importantly, we as fans should act as Danny’s spokesmen. We have to remind the Hong Kong population, especially the young, of Danny’s magnificent presence and the excellence of his work. I won’t say all of Danny’s songs have positive energy, but those sad songs that he wrote and sang were ones that could potentially voice your thoughts out. Deeply in love with you was a song that Danny dedicated to an unknown love. But as his fan, I would like to dedicate this song back to him with as much admiration as possible. I want to let him know how much he has always been loved and remembered no matter how much time has passed.

Video of the post this time is, of course, the music video of Deeply in love with you. Danny said in his 1990 concert that this song was actually one of the songs he must pick and sing for special events. To me, whenever I listen to it or just think about it, an image of Danny wearing a nice white outfit pops up. I am sure that a lot of people still remember his princely look.

The lyrics are as follows:

你說過愛在這一生裡 You have said that love in this life
有過快樂與心碎 has both happiness and sadness.
你說過愛在我的身邊 You have said that you love staying next to me
悄悄看我熟睡 silently watching me sleep.
聽說你在這刻想我 I heard that you miss me at this moment
聽說你在記起我 and that you are thinking of me
我也記著每刻往事 I also still remember the past we have been through
也記掛你在哪兒 and I am also wondering where you are now.
時日如飛 Time flies.
今天在我心裡 What is in my heart now
是充滿不褪的記憶 is the memory that will never fade away.
時日如飛 Time flies.
我似呆在這地 I am still waiting at this place
任一天天過去 watching days pass after days
任一生飄過去 watching my life go away
任一切飄去再沒法追 watching everything go away and become un-reachable.
心中想你 I am thinking of you.
如今想你 I am thinking of you now.
懷念昨天的你 I miss yesterday’s you.
懷念著你 I miss you.
懷念著你 I miss you.
紅著淚眼在記起 I think of you with my teary eyes.
心中想你 I am thinking of you.
如今想你 I am thinking of you now.
懷念昨天的一切 I miss yesterday’s everything.
懷念著你 I miss you.
懷念著你 I miss you.
流著淚自覺得深愛著你 In tears, I have come to realize that I am deeply in love you.


相思河畔 Lovesick by the River (Overview)

相思河畔 Lovesick by the River, or translated as Remembrance of River sometimes, was one of the songs Danny sang at the early stage of his career. If we have to categorise Danny’s songs, we can basically have 3 categories: (i) self-composed songs, (ii) Cantonese remake of old songs and (iii) songs other composers tailor-made for Danny. Tears Dropping for You, the song introduced last week, falls under the first category.  Lovesick by the River on the other hand belongs to the second category. The original song was sung by a Taiwanese singer called Cuiping 崔萍 in 1962. Danny’s Cantonese remake of the song first came out in 1983, stored in his album I only like you 偏偏喜歡你. The lyrics are composed by, once again, the marvellous 鄭國江 Cheng Kwok-kong. Mr. Cheng was a primary school teacher who worked as a freelance lyrics writer. Before retirement, Mr Cheng had worked with Danny for numerous times. I’m gonna write an article discussing Mr Cheng in detail in the near future.

There is seemingly no music video for Lovesick by the River. Please kindly correct me if I have been wrong. That said, the song appeared in a lot of Danny’s live shows. Thanks to Youtube, we can now enjoy this song whenever we want. The soundtrack version of the song is here:

Danny’s commemorative albums are available online and in CD warehouses, and they typically contain this song. The lawful way to obtain the song is through buying the albums. But technologies are so advanced now. I guess everyone knows how to download songs online.

Like before, I’m going to select some of the live performances that I feel best reflect the song. Recently, I found this clip on Youtube featuring a mini-concert-like performance of Danny in 1983. The link to this performance is here:

Look at how young and charming Danny was when he was 25. Does he remind you of the early Bruce Lee?

Every single clip that has Danny is a previous one. I especially like clips that have Danny talking. It feels good to know a bit more about Danny and how he felt towards life. There is a clip extracted from Danny’s 1988, in which Danny sang the song Lovesick by the River as the first song for his medley. Link to the clip is here:

Danny: 我諗下自己唱歌咁耐呢。。。吓?唔?咩事我可以為你服務?吓?點啫?吓?喔。唉,你估唔到我個。。。嗨,小姐。有個桔喎。你唔係想我得個桔吓嘛?啊,吉利啊!多謝多謝。係,請你返埋去坐吓。佢送個桔畀我真係好啦,等我大吉大利。好有心思。我一連串呢,已經係錄左大約有十幾隻嘅新碟啦。你知唔知點解啊?錄定丫嘛。你估下點樣可以一連串錄十幾新碟丫。吓?乜野啊?我準備呢,一出,出曬好多新碟呢,咁我就退休架啦。唔好啊?OK。我呢,其實呢,係我嘅碟裡邊呢,有好多舊嘅慢嘅好好聽嘅情歌。我好想話,送曬畀大家一齊聽,但係唔知點樣揀一個辦法,所以最後我決定呢,就用呢個辦法揀選幾首最精選,我自己好心愛嘅。好誠意送畀你地,我嘅情歌。I’m thinking, since I have been singing for so long…what? huh? What may I help you? What? What do you want? Huh? Oh. Sigh, you can’t image my… Hi, Miss. There is a tangerine (Cantonese pronunciation: Gat). Don’t you want me to have nothing left, do you? (a Cantonese pun) Oh, you mean “fortune”! (also a Cantonese pun) Thank you, thank you. Thanks to her for giving me a tangerine so that I can have good fortune. Very thoughtful of her. I have already recorded more than 10 albums at a time. Do you know why? For preparation! Guess how I recorded 10 new albums in one go. Huh? What did you say? I have already thought about that…when I release all my new albums, I’m going to retire. Don’t like that? OK. I’m… in fact… in all of my albums, there are a lot of old, slow and beautiful love songs. I would like to say that I’m going to sing all them for you guys. But I can’t find a way to do so. That’s why eventually, I have decided to use this way (i.e. making a medley) to pick the best of the best and the songs I like most. From the bottom of my heart, I present to you my love songs.  

I always enjoy seeing Danny being chatty and interactive with the audience of his concerts. I can tell that he really enjoyed being on stage performing. At first I thought someone as quiet as Danny would probably hate being gazed by the public. But I guess Danny, deep down, really needs love and people’s recognition about his musical achievements. But really Danny, you don’t need to worry. Even up to today, there are many people supporting you and your music. Your everything has been well remembered.

Lyrics are as follows.

人似是帶著幾分醉 People look like that they have been a little drunk,
輕輕的駕著帆船為愛浪 Gently sailing their boats for the love wave.

我的身軀輕輕搖晃 My body is swinging slightly.
就似躺身於繩網 It seems like I’m lying on a net.
情愛共我又似隔張網 There seems to be a net between love and I. 
孤單的我悠悠然望兩岸 Feeling lonely, I look at the two sides of the shores.
看一雙雙的小情侶 I look at all the couples
互訴心曲多神往 happily expressing their love.
前方遠方 In the front and the far sides
人在戀愛我獨懶洋洋 people are busy falling in love while I’m the only person doing nothing.
還願隨遇若非所愛我  If destiny doesn’t bring someone who loves me to me
並不稀罕有沒有不相干 I don’t really care and don’t really feel bothered.
河岸浪與浪也偷看 I’m peeking at the waving hitting the shores.
一雙雙快樂情人在兩岸 Pairs and pairs of couples are on the two shores
帶出多少相思情義 expressing a lot of love
又帶出多少迷惘 and also expressing a lot of puzzlement.

眼淚為你流 Tears Dropping for You (Overview)

It is fun to see that even up to today, we still use the expression “眼淚在心裡流” (meaning: Tears rolling inside my heart) to indicate our un-expressable sadness. I was reading some online news articles the other day, and was extremely excited to see people putting the above expression in the commentary section. I bet Danny would feel proud if he knew that people still remember his song Tears Dropping for You well.

A little background information about that song is that it is one of the very first songs written by Danny. Back in the old days, new songs usually got distributed through radio. Danny’s popularity began to soar when Tears Dropping for You was released in 1979. Some old fans expressed to the media that they didn’t even know how Danny looked like when they first heard of the song and got so attracted by it. This is indeed the magical effect of Danny and his angelic voice.

The music video of the song was kind of cheesy, as Danny would like to describe it. It started with a ringing phone and then two lovers were talking on the phone seemingly trying to break up with one another. Although Danny’s career as an idol pretty much dates back to this song, he seldom sang it live. In the 1988 concert, Danny sang this song during the encore session, saying that he hadn’t sung the song for 7 years. I often wonder what the reason behind his reluctance to sing the song was. Was it ’cause he didn’t like the song? Or was he trying to avoid the song ’cause the song’s lyrics triggered his sad emotions? Just a little wild guess here.

The 1988 concert was definitely a precious footage for us to enjoy the song in a live performance though Danny did mess up some lines. Speaking of that footage, how can we not mention how genuine and cute Danny was when he asked his fans not to boo him if he messed up the lyrics. And by the way, I still don’t understand Danny’s hat in that performance. But Danny was so in fashion!


Danny: 多謝曬,多謝曬你地,我都唔知點樣算好,因為歌曲嘅編排真係已經做媒果隻都做埋啦,真係冇曬歌曲唱畀大家啦,已經重唱<我的故事>,咁點好啊?唔?唱邊首好啊?我今晚打算任你地點唱,唱到你地滿意為止好唔好啊?唱邊首歌好呢?眼淚為你流?果隻歌我七年都冇唱過啦已經,我尐歌詞都。。。實亂架喎,你地介唔介意先?死。。。又無夾過,得嘅我,C key,吓?啦咁如果我尐歌詞唔岩你地唔好瘀我啊下,如果唔係我唔制。OK!試下。(meaning: Thank you very much. Thanks to you all. I don’t know what to do since I have run out of songs to sing. I have even sung the song I prepared for the encore session. I really don’t have more songs to sing. I have already sung “My Story” twice. What should I do? Huh? Which song should I sing? I plan to stay here tonight and let you guys order songs for me to sing until you guys are satisfied. Like that offer? Which song should I sing? Tears Dropping for You? I haven’t sung that song for seven years already. The lyrics… I am so going to mess them up. Do you mind (if I mess up the lyrics)? Sigh… I didn’t rehearse this with the band. I think I can do this. C key please. What? Disclaimer: If I mess up the lyrics you guys can’t boo me. Otherwise I will be pissed. OK! Let’s do this. )

Link to the clip (youtube):

Lyrics of the song:

眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
此際怎麼開口 How do I start a conversation now?
前事在心裡飄浮 Memories all float in my heart.
情意令人太難受 Love is giving people a very hard time.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
請你開一開口 Would you please say something?
隨便一聲或隨便一句 It does not matter what you say.
算是問候朋友 Just treat it as a way to greet your friend.
離別你 Leaving you.
自離別你 Ever since I have left you.
心痛苦比處死更難受 The sadness of my heart is even more excruciating than death.
靈魂已失 When the soul has gone,
心彷彿死去 the heart feels gone too.
心死問誰可救 Who can heal a dead heart?
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問你知否 Do you understand this kind of pain?
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
惟盼望情愛如舊 All I hope is that our love can go back in time.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問怎麼休  琴鍵打開亦無心奏 How do you tame this pain? Open the piano keyboard cover but do not feel like playing it.
我現在似木偶 人像木偶 I am like a puppet now. Being a puppet.
我人像木偶 Yes, I am like a puppet now.
只歎輕輕送走了時候 I can only sigh when all the time has passed.
全忘餓與飽 I don’t even remember how it feels to be hungry or full.
心中空虛了My heart is empty now.
衣襟淚痕濕透 Tears have made my clothes wet.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問你知否 Do you understand this kind of pain?
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
盼心曲再奏 All I hope is that the song of our hearts will be played again.
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
盼心曲再奏 All I hope is that the song of our hearts will be played again.