Danny’s songs chosen for Hong Kong schools

It’s been almost three months since my last update. The last couple of months were extremely busy months for me. Luckily, Danny’s songs guided me through all those tiring days and it’s finally time for me to get back to my keyboard! 🙂


Having graduated from primary and secondary schools for so long, I can’t really remember how exactly schools’ music lessons were like. Anyway, recently, I’ve heard that Danny’s 喝采 Encore (a.k.a. 鼓舞 Encouragement) and 摘星 Catch a star have been selected as required/ recommended musical pieces for Hong Kong schools’ music curriculum at the junior secondary level. Congrats congrats congrats to Danny. I’m sure if he knew about this he would be so happy and proud of himself. I feel thrilled knowing that Danny’s dedication to music has been recognised by the Hong Kong authorities. Moreover, introducing Danny to the new generations is a brilliant idea. Whenever people talk about Danny, very sadly they only remember him being a short-lived singer in the old Canto-pop days. Putting Danny’s songs into the textbooks, I’m sure, is going to wash the negative image of Danny away.


Encore and Catch a star are good picks for the music curriculum. The former encourages people not to give up by telling them that they are never alone and neglected; the latter urges people to always believe in themselves and never lose hope.  Both have such positive energy that is lacking in contemporary Hong Kong society. In my opinion, Hong Kong has been off its brightest era, both in popular culture and in social well-being. It’s a sad thing for me to admit because no matter where I live and where I will live, Hong Kong is always a place from where I consider my roots are. Seeing this place tearing apart, or to be more precise, being torn apart is upsetting. A lot of our core values as Hong Kongers are fading away. I’m not a politician so I don’t want to publicly comment about this issue. All in all, I hope with Danny’s music, we can reminisce the golden days of Hong Kong.


To listen to Encore, focus here:

(Danny was looking young and fresh there. He was only 22 years old back then. People recognised the background of the music video being the old Yuan Long.)

To listen to Catch a star, focus here:

(This one over here is one of the few songs that Danny really sang with full energy. It’s almost like he was singing a piece of the old military songs haha. But that exact spirit is what the song had hoped to convey and it worked beautifully. The song was a promo song for an anti-drug campaign.)

The two songs above deserve their own overview sections. I hope to do that in the near future. I’ll look at their lyrics when my overview columns are up.







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