眼淚為你流 Tears Dropping for You (Overview)

It is fun to see that even up to today, we still use the expression “眼淚在心裡流” (meaning: Tears rolling inside my heart) to indicate our un-expressable sadness. I was reading some online news articles the other day, and was extremely excited to see people putting the above expression in the commentary section. I bet Danny would feel proud if he knew that people still remember his song Tears Dropping for You well.

A little background information about that song is that it is one of the very first songs written by Danny. Back in the old days, new songs usually got distributed through radio. Danny’s popularity began to soar when Tears Dropping for You was released in 1979. Some old fans expressed to the media that they didn’t even know how Danny looked like when they first heard of the song and got so attracted by it. This is indeed the magical effect of Danny and his angelic voice.

The music video of the song was kind of cheesy, as Danny would like to describe it. It started with a ringing phone and then two lovers were talking on the phone seemingly trying to break up with one another. Although Danny’s career as an idol pretty much dates back to this song, he seldom sang it live. In the 1988 concert, Danny sang this song during the encore session, saying that he hadn’t sung the song for 7 years. I often wonder what the reason behind his reluctance to sing the song was. Was it ’cause he didn’t like the song? Or was he trying to avoid the song ’cause the song’s lyrics triggered his sad emotions? Just a little wild guess here.

The 1988 concert was definitely a precious footage for us to enjoy the song in a live performance though Danny did mess up some lines. Speaking of that footage, how can we not mention how genuine and cute Danny was when he asked his fans not to boo him if he messed up the lyrics. And by the way, I still don’t understand Danny’s hat in that performance. But Danny was so in fashion!


Danny: 多謝曬,多謝曬你地,我都唔知點樣算好,因為歌曲嘅編排真係已經做媒果隻都做埋啦,真係冇曬歌曲唱畀大家啦,已經重唱<我的故事>,咁點好啊?唔?唱邊首好啊?我今晚打算任你地點唱,唱到你地滿意為止好唔好啊?唱邊首歌好呢?眼淚為你流?果隻歌我七年都冇唱過啦已經,我尐歌詞都。。。實亂架喎,你地介唔介意先?死。。。又無夾過,得嘅我,C key,吓?啦咁如果我尐歌詞唔岩你地唔好瘀我啊下,如果唔係我唔制。OK!試下。(meaning: Thank you very much. Thanks to you all. I don’t know what to do since I have run out of songs to sing. I have even sung the song I prepared for the encore session. I really don’t have more songs to sing. I have already sung “My Story” twice. What should I do? Huh? Which song should I sing? I plan to stay here tonight and let you guys order songs for me to sing until you guys are satisfied. Like that offer? Which song should I sing? Tears Dropping for You? I haven’t sung that song for seven years already. The lyrics… I am so going to mess them up. Do you mind (if I mess up the lyrics)? Sigh… I didn’t rehearse this with the band. I think I can do this. C key please. What? Disclaimer: If I mess up the lyrics you guys can’t boo me. Otherwise I will be pissed. OK! Let’s do this. )

Link to the clip (youtube):

Lyrics of the song:

眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
此際怎麼開口 How do I start a conversation now?
前事在心裡飄浮 Memories all float in my heart.
情意令人太難受 Love is giving people a very hard time.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
請你開一開口 Would you please say something?
隨便一聲或隨便一句 It does not matter what you say.
算是問候朋友 Just treat it as a way to greet your friend.
離別你 Leaving you.
自離別你 Ever since I have left you.
心痛苦比處死更難受 The sadness of my heart is even more excruciating than death.
靈魂已失 When the soul has gone,
心彷彿死去 the heart feels gone too.
心死問誰可救 Who can heal a dead heart?
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問你知否 Do you understand this kind of pain?
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
惟盼望情愛如舊 All I hope is that our love can go back in time.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問怎麼休  琴鍵打開亦無心奏 How do you tame this pain? Open the piano keyboard cover but do not feel like playing it.
我現在似木偶 人像木偶 I am like a puppet now. Being a puppet.
我人像木偶 Yes, I am like a puppet now.
只歎輕輕送走了時候 I can only sigh when all the time has passed.
全忘餓與飽 I don’t even remember how it feels to be hungry or full.
心中空虛了My heart is empty now.
衣襟淚痕濕透 Tears have made my clothes wet.
眼淚在心裡流 Tears are rolling in the heart.
苦痛問你知否 Do you understand this kind of pain?
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
盼心曲再奏 All I hope is that the song of our hearts will be played again.
情是內心的交流 Love is the communication between hearts.
盼心曲再奏 All I hope is that the song of our hearts will be played again.


2 thoughts on “眼淚為你流 Tears Dropping for You (Overview)

  1. Lotus says:


    Thanks for your introduction of this song.
    I am 35 years old now.
    I got to know this song accidentally on youtube.
    I love this song immediately.
    I cant believe this song was compose and written by him in 1979. Yet this song look so modern for me.

    Thank you very much

    Liked by 1 person

    • salutetodannychan says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Lotus!
      The song was composed by Danny but the lyrics were written by the famous 鄭國江 Mr. Cheng Kwok Kong. I’m always beyond happy to hear from others’ experience about listening to Danny. This song is definitely one of my all-time Danny favourites (if not the favourite one). Hope you are also interested in Danny’s other works 🙂

      I can’t agree with you more about Danny’s songs sounding modern! This guy was so gifted in music. Back in the 1970s~1980s, Hong Kong music was all about the traditional Chinese tunes, i.e. merely nothing more than do re mi so la. Yet, Danny produced an ageless song with an ageless melody here. I believe the reason for that was Danny’s western education background. One thing I would say, though, was that the way Danny sang his song in 1979 was a bit old-fashioned. It sounds like he was imitating the singing techniques of Roman Tam 羅文, a superstar in the 1970s. Towards the later phase of his music career, Danny did drop that old-fashioned projection of his voice and embraced the modern singing tone that we are familiar with now. He was such a chameleon.


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